A Night of Innovation at Microsoft’s Launch Builders Event

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Andrea Rubio

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Stay Dead - Blog #13

The evening was filled with innovation and forward-thinking, all within the walls of a company we deeply admire.

Vancouver, BC. Canada

Last week, Vancouver’s bustling tech scene enjoyed an inspiring event at the esteemed Launch Builders, hosted by Microsoft Vancouver. The evening was filled with innovation and forward-thinking, all within the walls of a company we deeply admire.

Thrilled to Present Stay Dead

We were thrilled to present “Stay Dead,” our latest venture into action adventure games, at Microsoft’s dynamic hub. This opportunity wasn’t just about showcasing our game; it was a celebration of the creative and technological leaps that are possible when like-minded pioneers come together.

David Calderón, Animagic ‘s director, delved into the quirky world of “Stay Dead,” sharing the stage with other notable innovators such as Andrew Zhong of LightFeed and Andreas Munk of Evaras AI. Each speaker brought their unique perspective on technology and creativity, making the evening a mosaic of insightful discussions and shared ambitions.

Thank you Microsoft

Being at Microsoft Vancouver was particularly exhilarating. It felt like both a nod of recognition from the industry and a chance to connect with some of the brightest minds in technology today. The event was not only a platform to unveil the fun and chaos of our latest entry into action-adventure games but also a space to exchange ideas and foster relationships that we hope will continue to thrive.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Microsoft Vancouver for the hospitality and the chance to be a part of such a vibrant gathering. We are also grateful for featuring our game in the Vancouver Tech Journal, helping to highlight our creative endeavors. It’s evenings like these that remind us of the magic that happens when technology meets creativity, pushing us to keep innovating and dreaming big.

Until Next Time

We look forward to connecting with you again, whether at upcoming events or via our social media platforms. Keep an eye out for further updates on “Stay Dead” and exclusive glimpses into the developments at Animagic Interactive. Your engagement and support fuel our passion for innovation and drive us to continually enhance our creations.

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