How the Theme of “Stay Dead” Came to Be

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“Stay Dead” has quickly captured the hearts of players who love both funny challenges and zombie survival games for PC. But how did this unique theme come to life?

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“Stay Dead” has quickly captured the hearts of players who love both funny challenges and zombie survival games PC. But how did this unique theme come to life? Today, we delve into the creative minds behind the game to understand the inspiration for “Stay Dead” with the lead writer Carla Valdés, and the two directors of Animagic David Calderón and Jordi Ayguasenosa.

Origin of Stay Dead's Theme

1. How did Stay Dead's theme come about? What made you guys decide to take this idea and run with it as a full-on project?

David Calderón gives us a peek behind the curtain, “It all started from a strategic decision to step out of the usual B2B cycle. While many great studios thrive on chasing contracts, that approach didn’t leave much room for our own creative pursuits. We wanted to develop a game that would stand as its own intellectual property, something that could sustain profitability independently.”

“This business intent led to the conception of “Animagine,” a creative session designed to foster fresh ideas for potential projects. Using a Random Brief Generator System, the team spun up combinations across different categories such as theme, game type, and target audience. For “Stay Dead,” the elements combined included Zombies, action adventure, young adults, and fantasy”. Jordi shares, “This eclectic mix ignited our creativity and laid the foundation for an initial concept. As the idea evolved, we found ourselves deeply attached to it. We were also inspired by TV shows such as Midnight Gospel’s first episode and the family dynamic of Last of Us. The real turning point was crafting a quick prototype that brought our initial concepts to playable life.”

Player Experience and Takeaways

2. What's the main thing you hope players take away from diving into Stay Dead's world?

David and Jordi articulate their vision for the players, “We hope players discover joy and laughter in the eerie yet whimsical world of ‘Stay Dead.’ It’s designed to highlight that funny video games can also embody strong positive values.” 

“Isn’t that the essence of family? Supporting each other’s authenticity, no matter how eccentric.” Carla adds, “It’s about celebrating everyone’s individuality and the strength found in togetherness.” 

They continue, “The game champions the resilience and affection within unconventional families and communities, showing that survival hinges on unity.

Dynamics of a Zombie Family

3. If our zombie video game was a person at a party, who would they be, and how would they behave?

“Imagine ‘Stay Dead’ as that flamboyant, eccentric person who captivates everyone’s attention at a party by being unapologetically themselves,” David explains. Jordi notes, “Their infectious enthusiasm ensures that everyone has a great time, all while they stay true to their quirky nature.” Carlita adds a final touch, “They’re the kind of person who leaves everyone asking, ‘Who was that?’ ensuring they’re on the guest list for the next gathering.” In the world of “Stay Dead,” embracing one’s uniqueness and living life to the fullest—even in the afterlife—is the core of being a zombie.

In this way, “Stay Dead” combines elements of action adventure games and zombie survival games PC, offering players a unique blend of humor, challenge, and community dynamics. “Stay Dead” promises a blend of quirky humor with zombie survival antics, making it a standout among PC games.

Stay tuned for more insights and sneak peeks as we continue to develop “Stay Dead.” Whether you’re a fan of funny video games or seeking a unique zombie survival experience, we believe our game will carve a special place in your gaming heart.

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