Fun lives on

You finally found the perfect life, as a zombie.
Defend it and escape the cure.

A wacky & wholesome
zombie adventure!

Stay Dead zombie video game poster
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Picture this: You’re living your dream life in a tropical paradise, far from the chaos of society. You’ve got a loving partner, two incredible kids, and even a cute fuzzy dog! Plus, your community is filled with wonderful people.

Life couldn’t get any better. But, there’s a twist.
In this dream world, you’re a zombie! Green skin, rotting limbs, deadly breath, the works!

But thats all about to change, because a swarm of human-engineered medical robots descends upon your island, offering a “cure” that promises to return you and your family back to a regular human life. Despite their good intentions, you have no desire to be cured.

Instead, you want to STAY DEAD.

The best zombie survival game Family is Rot Fam of Stay Dead

Open your brains to a
zombie life!

What if being a zombie is the best thing that ever happened to you? Experience life as a zombie and discover the weird delight of Staying Dead.

Zombie survival game Action with Stu and Bram

Ride together or
die together.

Family gameplay mechanics and missions teach a key lesson: Family is everything. And no, it’s not a cliché! Your family members are your life points. Lose them all, and you’ll face the ultimate nightmare — returning to a regular human life.

The best action adventure zombie dad

An audiovisual feast
of enjoyable weirdness

Open your senses to the unconventional and embrace the beauty of a weird, chaotic, and eccentric world. You never know what you might discover when you look at the world from a different angle. 

Zombie Survival Games Developer Team

Our deadly Team!

Animagic Studios, the award-winning creative team, is entering the gaming world, bringing its renowned storytelling, design, and animation skills to its first title: Stay Dead. In collaboration with its new Canadian games division, Animagic Interactive, this project marks Animagic’s debut in the indie games arena. It’s an important milestone in their vision to become a global leader in creativity and entertainment, offering exciting action adventure games and funny zombie survival games for PC.

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