Animagic Unveils “Stay Dead”

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David Calderon

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Stay Dead - Blog #02

Stay Dead, Animagic’s debut Game Title is an isometric adventure survival game packed with quirky missions and wacky mechanics.

A wholesome and whacky zombie adventure!

Vancouver, BC. Canada

Imagine living the perfect life: a loving spouse, wonderful kids, and the cutest dog, all in a tropical paradise far from the hustle and bustle of society. But there’s just one tiny detail – you’re all zombies. That’s the delightfully twisted reality in “Stay Dead,” the game that turns the zombie apocalypse into your slice of heaven.

Stay Dead is a hilariously chaotic survival adventure to protect your beloved zombie family from the curebots that threaten to take you back to your old and not-so-fun regular human life.

Set on the exotic and quirky island of Porto Morto, Stay Dead flips the zombie theme on its head in a hilariously chaotic survival adventure. 

Stay Dead, Animagic’s debut Game Title, is an isometric adventure survival game packed with quirky missions and wacky mechanics. Lead your undead family in a snake-like formation and immerse in the wacky and deadly lifestyle of the island as you take on the challenge to escape the cure, destroy the curebots and reclaim your zombie paradise.

Your mission is simple. Protect your zombie family and Stay Dead.

Zombie survival game Action with Stu and Bram

Early Access and Release Plans

Currently, in early development, this zombie game is moving towards an early access phase, inviting gaming enthusiasts to join the Animagic community to test the game and provide feedback. This approach aims to refine and enhance the gaming experience, ensuring “Stay Dead” satisfies its audience and sets a new standard in the genre.

Animagic is ambitiously planning a 2025 release for this game. Beyond the game itself, the studio is developing an array suite of creative entertainment projects tied to the “Stay Dead” IP. These initiatives are designed to engage supporters and expand the “Stay Dead” universe, offering fans a variety of ways to enjoy and interact with the game’s unique world.

Join the Stay Dead Community

Animagic invites gamers, fans, and media representatives to join the journey of “Stay Dead,” a game that promises to redefine zombie survival adventure.
The studio is committed to creating an immersive, engaging experience that players will not only love to play but will become a memorable part of their gaming collection.

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