Our Unforgettable GDC Experience with Stay Dead

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Stay Dead - Blog #05

This experience was a vivid reminder of the power of video games to bring joy and create memorable moments.

Animagic Interactive's Unforgettable GDC Journey with "Stay Dead"

Vancouver, BC. Canada

We’re still riding the high from our incredible adventure at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), where we had the honor of presenting our debut game, Stay Dead, to an enthusiastic and vast audience of industry professionals and gamers. GDC has always been a monumental event in the gaming world, but experiencing it firsthand, showcasing our labor of love, was nothing short of magical.

Laughs, Gasps, and Zombies: The Best Reactions

One of the absolute highlights for us was capturing some of the most hilarious and heartwarming reactions to Stay Dead. From startled gasps at our cheeky undead antics to outright laughter at the game’s quirky humor, it was a joy to see our game resonate with so many people. This experience was a vivid reminder of the power of gaming to bring joy and create memorable moments. 

"A Truly Original Concept": Praise from the Giants

The cherry on top? Getting feedback that hit straight to the heart. Hearing someone from Microsoft call Stay Dead “an innovative concept that has left a lasting impression from this event” was surreal. And it didn’t stop there. Giants like Disney, Pixar, Unity, Blizzard, Cult of the Lamb, and our fantastic partners from Discord jumped into the zombie fun, giving us reactions that were nothing short of amazing. Their genuine enjoyment and enthusiastic feedback have us walking on cloud nine.

The Indie Developer's Dream

Reflecting on our time at GDC, we’ve come to realize just how crucial it is for indie developers like us to put our work out there. On one side of the coin, the feedback we received was invaluable. It’s given us a wealth of insights to dive back into development with a sharpened focus on enhancing and perfecting our game.

On the flip side, witnessing the wonderful reception Stay Dead received has been incredibly motivating. It’s filled us with a renewed passion to not only continue developing this game but also to embark on the adventure of creating more IPs for the gaming world in the future. The laughter, the engagement, and the genuine interest in Stay Dead have truly fueled our desire to keep innovating and entertaining.

Until Next Time

We’re overjoyed to share some footage of our experience at GDC with you all. To those who were there and joined us on this undead journey, a massive thank you! Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us. Thank you for loving our undead family, and our little canine member who will surely keep stealing hearts.

We hope to see you again soon, be it in person at the next event or through our Social Media channels. Stay tuned for more updates on Stay Dead and sneak peeks into what’s brewing at Animagic Interactive. Your feedback, love, and support inspire us to keep creating, improving, and dreaming big.

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